Thursday, September 21, 2017

Just in Time!

After our last trip outside at night, we are allowed ONE of these:

Fish skin jerky.

They are our FAVOURITES!
But look at our treat jar!

 It was EMPTY! 

But the very next day
 a new supply arrived. 
We didn't have to miss out even one night.

This has nothing to do with treats or fish skins,
But look at the Jasmine in bloom along our carport.
The area smells heavily of jasmine.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend.  Ours is going to be HOT!
We know in a few weeks we'll probably be complaining about the heat, but we're looking forward to some heat.

This is us.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017

Tuesday Tour...

We'd like to introduce Rex. 
He's a new addition to the Weekend River Social Club.
He's very fast, so Dui and I grounded him so you could see him.
His peep is a Nurse Practitioner with the
Royal Flying Doctor Service. (nice segue into today's topic.)
As you may or may not know, Australia is a BIG place,
with a small population.
(About the size of the evacuation of Florida during Irma.)
Most people live along the east coast.

We live in the Texas bit.
 Most of the interior...the outback... is sparsely populated.
Hospitals and medical centres are small and few.
That's where the RFDS comes in.
We have a base right here in town and though, SHE sees it
whenever SHE goes to the airport...has never visited it!
Until today!
There was a museum and video
explaining medical help in remote  communities.

This is a modern First Aid Kit supplied to a reliable resident.
The list of contents is on the back.
 Everything must be accounted for.

This is an old medical chest.

This chart helps doctor's give medical advice for first aid.
There was a story of a man who complained he hurt in area 9, and was told to look for the drugs at 9 in the chest.
Asked how he was the next day and he said 'Great'.  He couldn't find 9, so took a 7 and 2!

Dubbo has a fleet of five Beechcraft planes....costing $9 million each.
This one was in the hangar ready for use.
Each BLADE of the propellers is worth $10,000.
They are made in the US and the pilots have to go there to be trained.  A new facility is in the pipeline, much larger and train pilots here in Dubbo in future.
The RFDS is always ready to transfer patients to Dubbo Base or larger hospitals in the cities.  They can have a doctor and nurse on board depending on the case, or just the nurse (and pilot, of course.)

They attend road accidents, farming accidents, rodeo accidents, illness, deliver the occasional baby, or transfer child transplant patients.

There was a simulator for visitors.


The main cabin with stretcher, hospital bed, and equipment.
Also seats for the staff and any accompanying relatives.
Some of the bases provide health clinics to remote areas.
Ours has a Tooth Plane, providing dental services to remote areas.

Sometimes in the middle of the night, we hear a plane overhead and know the RFDS is at work.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


You know those mornings when something doesn't feel quite right?
Friday was one of those mornings.
We did have a short early walk....
but later, Bella was tortured on the grooming table,
and I, Roxy, had a powder puff bath and put on my best
collar...the one with the Ernie and Roxy tag.
We piled into the car and went
to the VET!
Bella went in first, and we found out she had a
high temperature!
(The vet took it 4 times with two thermometers!)
 So that meant she couldn't be vaccinated!
However, she did have blood stolen from her neck,
and was supposed to have a urine sample.
SHE, armed with a bright blue plastic kidney dish,
took Bella outside.
Bella was too nervous to cooperate.
So I, Roxy, after a ruckus trying to get me out of the car and leave Dui in,
had to sniff around to encourage Bella.
It didn't work,
Waiting for my turn on the table.
 So I had to go inside.
Ignoring everything that's happening.
I submitted to all the indignities stoically and had my injections.
We were piled back into the car....SHE had the kidney dish,
and we went to the soccer field just down the road.
Bella performed on the first post....sample collected.
Dui and I were having a great time racing around like maniacs, so we stayed for a little longer.
As we headed back to the car, SHE noticed a man approaching with a dog.  Roxy and Dui were put on leads...the precious kidney dish placed on the grass...and Bella decided it was up to her to protect the pack.  She chased that dog off the field...........twice!
All the time, SHE was holding lunging dogs away from the dish, and yelling for Bella like a banshee!
Finally, the kidney dish was  emptied into the little jar, and we headed back to the vet's to drop it off!
For $302 we discovered that Bella has slightly elevated enzymes in her liver and is on antibiotics for 10 days.
She shows no symptoms of anything, so hopefully, she just has an infection of some sort.  We'll just keep checking.
And , hopefully, she'll get her injections soon.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017



Come down here, and say that!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

It was a gorgeous day.

We went to the river walk we hadn't been to since last Friday.
There were loads of cockatoos...
We think they were speed dating.
I, Roxy, did a bit of grazing...I love grass.
When suddenly a lovely malodorous smell reached my nose.
Next thing I knew, I was mid-roach
and SHE was screaming at me!
The lead was clamped on my collar
and I had to spend the rest of the walk
stuck on the to HER!

As if that weren't bad enough, when we got home,
I had to have a dry bath that took all my glorious smell
and dirt off! (second time this week.)

Not impressed
SHE uses this stuff, originally bought for the scotties, but it's hard to brush out of black dogs.

I sulked most of the day!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Blogging influences...

You know how peeps are influenced by new products, treats and toys through blogs?

Well....we think SHE's been influenced by Da Phenny's blog.
As we were having a council clean-up this weekend,
SHE decided it was time to replace the old toilet cistern and
throw it out.
SHE put in the old one years how hard could it be?
Off to the hardware shop to select a new cistern.
Unfortunately, SHE was too lazy to walk to the front of the shop to get a trolley, so selected one based on its weight and proximity to the ground.
Got it home and discovered that it was a tiny cistern.  However, SHE removed the old cistern and tried to put the new one in.  It wouldn't fit in the pipes--though SHE tried on and off for hours--using some imaginative language.
Finally, it was packed  into the box and back to the shop.
The woman at the desk was rather rude and insisted that it
couldn't be returned if the plastic has been removed. SHE said there was no plastic.  Luckily, it was the lunch hour and the woman
opened the box which SHE'd packed with the open ends in the bottom of the box.  There was a line of glaring people behind HER so the money was returned.
SHE went home and tried, without success, to put the old cistern in place.  Gave up and called the Plumber.  It meant a night without a working toilet, but about 7 a.m. an eight-foot boy arrived, checked out the problem, went off to get a new cistern which he installed in about 15 minutes!
Naturally, there was a rectangle of very old yellow paint that wasn't covered by the new cistern...BUT...SHE was able to match new paint perfectly with the wall paint.

We think SHE should stick to getting recommended treats!

Friday, September 1, 2017

It's Spring!

We start Spring on the 1st of September.  We don't worry about 'official' days and stuff.
Of course, it is -5°C/23°F at the moment but will
be warm later.
We'll be going to the river soon--it's Saturday morning.
 September 1st is also Wattle Day...and the Wattle is beautiful...
 Our Jasmine is beginning to blossom.
 As well as our Magnolia tree.

Hope you have a happy (Labor Day) Weekend...

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Still here....

SHE's had a cold--first one in 6 years--so hasn't been blog-minded.

We've had a great week, though.

Friday morning (because SHE was in a hurry), Dui managed to get out of the gate and spent a blissful 10 minutes harassing the cat across the street until it raced across several gardens--with Dui in hot pursuit--into a stormwater drain.  He then, consented to having the lead attached.

Saturday morning we had a record 16 dogs at the river....all racing around like maniacs, getting wet, covered in burrs and grass and barking!  Sunday we were back to the usual eleven.

We've been having cold mornings--frosty mornings--ideal for playing dog in/dog out (SHE just loves that!)

And one morning there was a kangaroo in our front yard!  First time.  But by the time SHE got the camera and coaxed us inside. (We were suspicious at HER trying to make us indoor dogs when SHE was obviously going out.)  The 'roo was gone.

We've been having mid-morning walks and lying out in the sun.  Dui has been keeping tabs on a Jack Russell that's visiting next door, and bringing dead grass and leaves inside.

But otherwise, we're just hanging around.

We always check out this pile as soon as we get out of the car for our run!
Hope you are having a good week.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017



It's right outside our window!


The nerve....

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dui ruined our Walk yesterday....

We were walking around the weekday track.
It was a beautiful day and we had the whole area
to ourselves.
We were going to do a couple of laps,
but Dui

 took off after a wallaby!
He chased it through a paddock full of calves.
The curious calves started running after him.
Then he disappeared into the scrub.
We just headed back to the car....our walk cut short.
He finally gave up.  There's no way he can catch a wallaby,
And followed us, slowly, back to the car.

Dui is going to have to be on the lead most of the time now.

Monday, August 14, 2017

The man with the Silly Walk.

Every morning the man with the silly walk goes past our house.
At first we wondered what he was doing....practising for one of those Walking Races?

Now, we think he has a neurological disorder.
But rain, shine, frost....whatever....he makes his way up the street with his strange  hop-skip gait, concentrating on moving. 
We never bark at him. 

We admire him for his incredible spirit.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dead trees

Along our river are lots of old, dead gum trees.
 They are allowed to stay.
 Because they are great nesting places for sulphur-crested cockatoos and lots of other birds.
We think this bird has found a perfect site--
Spring isn't too far away.

And, yes, the sky was THAT blue yesterday.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Book Lover's Day...

Bella, as a puppy, was our book lover.
 Here's a selection of her favourites.
Maybe that's why SHE switched to a kindle.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bad Omen...

We are just heading out to a morning at the river with our friends.
the laundry tub has water in it,
the washing machine is covered in towels and
items of torture.....

ready for our return.
This can't be good.